DDQIC Entrepreneurs Attend Development Dialogue 2020 in Hubballi, India

Thanks to a partnership with the Deshpande Foundation, and at the invitation of its founder Gururaj Deshpande, for the fourth year in a row Dunin Deshpande Queens Innovation Center sent a delegation of 8 Queen’s students and alumni to the Development Dialogue Conference. The entrepreneurs selected for the delegation are each leading their own start-ups with a social impact.

The experience is always a transformative experience for the delegates. The opportunity to interact with leaders in social entrepreneurship from around the world, and to see firsthand impressive projects that are improving the lives of large numbers of people is a huge source of inspiration for these young social entrepreneurs. This year’s theme, Aligning Intention, Innovation and Impact, resonated very well with our group and the delegates will continue to meet to formulate goals and new ideas they want to put to practice which were developed at the conference.