Development Dialogue
Aligning Intention, Innovation and Impact

Development Dialogue

Aligning Intention, Innovation & Impact

Development Dialogue brings together people from diverse sectors who share the common purpose of creating sustainable solutions. It is an international gathering of social entrepreneurs, leaders from non-profit and for-profit organizations, government officials, grassroots practitioners, and impact investors, coming together to inspire, share insights and forge productive collaborations.

Deshpande Symposium

Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

The Deshpande Symposium is a gathering of like-minded practitioners focused on accelerating
innovation and entrepreneurship across the college and university environment. The Symposium
provides a venue for over 350 attendees from 100+ universities and colleges to learn from each other’s
experiences; to gain wider exposure for their ideas, successes, and start-ups; and to collaborate on
activities that increase innovation and entrepreneurship in their academic communities.


EforAll Summit

Inclusive Entrepreneurship

We believe everyone should be given the opportunity, resources, and support to turn their dream of starting a business into a reality. Entrepreneurship can be the gateway to stimulating the economy of cities, regions, and countries around the world. The EforAll Summit is designed for individuals and organizations working to build entrepreneurial ecosystems in the U.S. and globally.